Thursday, September 3, 2015

Himalaya Joggers' park, Ghatkopar west, Mumbai-400 084

Mumbai has over grown and there are more people and dwellings than the quality living place. This is because of its Topography, and strategic place which makes an enviable metropolis in spite of congested roads, market place and very limited floor space in living apartments.

Mumbai is a vibrant city, and  thriving  amidst, various onslaughts, like religious, political and social outbursts of the citizens living there.

Himalaya CHS, is one of the Cooperative societies'  among many.  The beauty is,  this society's proximity to Andheri, Ghatkopar railway stations make it ideal destination for the commuters who like to go to Western and central Railway Stations. Besides the colony can boast of a well maintained Joggers park, and Himalayeshwar mahadev temple.

The Mumbai metro's one of the  halting stations,  Asalpha  is just a walkable distance. The society is very near to the Asia's one of the well known Multi disciplinary Hospitals known  as KOHINOOR HOSPITAL, []  is almost 2 km away. [] One of the best known Malls called  (phoenix )[]  is also very near.

One can have a look of  a Blog created by by one of the residents of Himalaya Co-Op.Hsg.Soc. Ghatkopar west, Mumbai-84

                                                    Front view of The Himalaya Joggers' Park.

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