Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chandranna, Meera, Rajni's visit to India (2015)

First they arrived in Mumbai, on 24th, June, 2015, although Chi. Rajni had arrived a bit earlier.
                                On the Terrace of ITC Grand Hotel, Parel, Mumbai

                           At the Tea table on the 30th Floor of ITC Grand hotel,

                                                               Waiting for the Dinner

At Bengalulru,.  Chi. Rajni....
                       At BTM Lay out home, Chatting with Chi.Sow. Usha shridhara
At Udupi palace ?
                                                                          With Gagana...

                                      Sow. Suvarna nagaraj, and Sow. Usha shridhar
Chi. Gagana with her Grand father, HRN

                 After the  lecture of  Dr. Meera Chandrasekhar, at The National College Science Forum,                                           Dr. Chandrasekhar and Prof. HRRRao...
                                                           Fancy dress competition !
                                                               HRN also joined ....
Chi. Sow. Suchi and Anantha murthy, also joined...

Chandra, ultimately the  winner of the competition
HRN, Pranathi and HRR
Pranathi with the Jailer..

Shridhara in a jail. And the Jailor is Chi. Gagana !

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